“Sister” profiled on Parents.com

Check out this article on Parents.com about the new film “Sister” directed by Our Kids First Foundation President David Lascher and written by David Lascher and Todd Camhe. Here’s a bit from the article:

“In fact, Lascher and Camhe started the Our Kids First Foundation to raise awareness and spark discussion about ADD, ADHD, and other related conditions. “This is just a first and in ways small but important step to raise that awareness,” said Scott. “I think a lot of people are going to relate. Everybody knows someone that’s going through one of these issues.” It’s true. With ADD and ADHD becoming more common diagnoses, (as scientific advisor to the Foundation Dr. Steven Hinshaw writes his new book The ADHD Explosion) we all seem to know someone affected by it. “Our hope is that people connect with [the movie] and it gets them talking, sharing their stories, their experiences,” said Camhe.”

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